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Book recommendations (history and American presidents)

Hello Saagar, As per my understanding you have a strong interest in history and I wanted to get well versed in it as well. Any books recommendations on American history and American presidents would be appreciated. Also big fan of Breaking points with Krystal and Saagar, keep up the great work! Money well spent :)

Canadian Veteran Nazi standing Ovation

Are Krystal and Saagar aware that no advance notice wa given to Zelensy before the ovation was given to Hunka? They talk like this was Zelensky's doing. This was all a Canadian production. The Candians are honoring him as a Canadian war hero. Zelensky is Canada's guest. Its absurd how Krystal and Saagar pretend like Zelensky is in control of this situation. Obviously he is going to think Canada vetted this guy. Apparently this guys unit and all of them were screened individually before entering Canada, the organization and the division were guilty of war crimes, the unit was never convicted or implicated in war crimes. There were also Ukranian partisans that fought both the Soviets and the Nazis. Lets not forget that the Soviets had committed genocide against the Ukranians, killing 4 million of them (some estimates say 7 million) in the Holodomor, a few years earlier. Of course a lot of people would find this objectionable, but again, it wasn't Zelensky that did this it was Canada, can you really expect him, on the fly, to make a scene and try to reject the veteran that the Canadians are presenting as a war hero, whom Zelensky has no background on, hasn't had a chance to research? Absurd. This could end up offending the Canadians. Frankly Saagar and Krystal need to apologize on air for their bad faith suggestion that Zelensky had any control or foresight of this, and for making such heinous suggestions that Zelensky "agrees" with nazism when Zelensky is a Jew that has family that was killed by the Nazis. Also, with all of the coverage from breaking points on Ukraines "Nazi" problem, why have you failed to report that in the last election, the coaliton of far right parties only got 1.5% of the vote, a low percentage by European standards This is what I mean by selective reporting.

Would it not be worth it to defend America from invasion because..

We revere national heros that committed genocide against the native americans and owned slaves and raped their slaves and enslaved their children from the rape (all Thomas Jefferson, plus many other founders) I'm sure many of the European nations invaded by Germany had a lot of issues you could focus on too. I'm not sure why you think this kind of thing is at all relevant when it comes to asking what we should do about a European country getting brutally invaded (and attempted to annex and wipe out) by their neighbor, especially when its one of the few countries in the world with a Jewish president (only Israel also has one), and a very low vote for the extreme right coalition (that failed to win any seats) escpially when that country has openly neonazi paramilitary groups committing atrocities in Ukraine

Marianne Williamson

Krystal - Why don't you ever even mention Marianne Williamson when you elaborate on the possibility of a democratic primary or "other options?" 90%+ of your videos are the real news and superb commentary, but it makes your audience way more cynical and stuck in the 2 candidate (Trump or Biden) mindset when you're not actively even trying to promote Marianne. Chapo Trap House, Secular Talk, David Packman Show, and all left media should be making a conscious effort to get her name out there. WTF guys


Have you looked into the case in front of scotus regarding chevron and herring fishing?