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What is to be done about Russian neo nazi groups committing atrocities in ukraine?

Russia has openly neo-nazi paramilitary groups committing atrocities in Ukraine. What is to be done about this?

What makes Breaking Points Different?

It makes me sad to see so many independent media sources being censored, shadow banned, and in some cases, attempts to be deplatformed completely. So, how has Breaking Points been seemingly immune to this kind of treatment? Have there been any recent attempts to compromise or censor Breaking Points on Youtube? Also, is there a reason that Breaking Points has seemingly become a bit pro establishment after completion of your new studio? Did you receive funding for your show that did not come from our subscriptions? Is Breaking Points compromised?

Fain for President?

If Fain is able to negotiate successfully, do you think has political ambitions in a third party?

Opinion on 60 Minutes Tracking US aid to Ukraine (from 9/24/23)

Krystal and Saager, What do you think about the 60 minutes film released this week “How US tax dollars are being spent, tracked, in Ukraine?”

Actions not Nouns

To clarify to Krystal, its not about the nouns of whether Ukraine is the "good guy" and Russia is the "bad guy" its about actions, that Russia is invading and trying to force themselves on Ukranians that do not want them there (and Saagars talking point about some (some being the key word) Ukranians in Donbas being loyal to Russia doesnt apply here at all, there was already a ceasefire in Donbas before Russia invaded in 2022). I do not see how any of the character assassination attempts on Ukraine, move the needle at all towards even beginning to suggest that Ukraine shouldnt be helped to defend themselves against a brutal foreign invasion and occupation. If Russia invaded Alaska, you could literally use most of these things on the US as well, you could point to all of the corruption in the US, there are neo nazis and white supremists in our military there are antidemocratic tendencies, a president tried to overturn an eelction with fake electors, that is still supported by almost half the country. Does any of this even begin to move the needle in the direction that if Russia invaded the US, that the US shouldnt receive aid to drive them out? You could literally use the same arguments against any of the countries the nazis invaded in WW2. At the end of the day Zelesnly is a Ukranian Jew that was elected an an election internationally recognized as being free and fair, by 72% of the population. Zelensky is overwhelmingly supported by Ukranians for standing up to the invaders. Its absurd for Krystal to suggest that because this "isn't a Disney movie" and that the Ukranians arent perfect, that somehow its kind of all the same and there is nothing good about helping ukraine hold the line against being invaded and brutally occupied by a foreign power