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Ukraine and NY Times

The NY Times coverage of the war in Ukraine is at best pathetic. They cover the war, except for maybe one article a month, as pure propaganda. This is true of all the outlets to include WAPO etc. I would love to hear your take on this ideological capture. I read the NY Times/WAPO throughout the Iraq years and they were digging hard to find anything and did so with gusto. Why are the elite media Orgs so into pushing this particular war?

the profound, existential questions and a NEW one

Lately I have been pondering the big questions, is there a God, why are we here, and what explains tRump's followers, stuff like that. I hear they are a cult, that seems right for some, but how many is unclear, and what would be the upper bound for that explanation, 10% of the republicans, 20%? I also hear that folks have lost their trust in American institutions and thus were ripe for joining the tRump team. This makes sense to me and I could see this being a large part of all his supporters, but I also think that anyone who was the type to lose faith in American institutions, that those same folks would quickly become disappointed by tRump and the republicans, and certainly not remain at this late date. Sure there are hard core republicans that vote red no matter, but in the face of all the chaos and the grave threat to democracy even? What am I missing?


Krystal - did you know that you appear in a news clip in the 2023 HBO original movie “Reality” about Reality Winner?! I’m sure this kind of thing happens to you all the time, but I was very excited to see this surprise cameo.

More Vimeo links

Can you guys start posting Vimeo videos for your non normal show links like, AMA's, breaking news, and weekly breakdowns? I LOVE the PIP options as it allows me to see the videos while I work instead of just running in the background. PLUS, it's not YouTube. Thanks guys I've loved you guys and have been a fan since shortly after your Hill show started.

Nazi ties in Ukrainian army

With how closely the US align ourselves with Israel, does our unending support of the Ukrainians affect our relationship with Israel? Especially since it’s clear how Nazism/ nazi sympathy is still present in some parts of the Ukraine army and government. Given that the Canadians just recently celebrated a known Nazi, which Zelenskyy himself had to have known about, does Israel still support the Ukrainian war efforts?