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Future guest

With the Federal Budget and a possible shutdown looming, I think it would be very useful if you invited Stephanie Kelton on as a guest. If you are not familiar with her, she is an economist at Stony Brook and has written a book called "The Deficit Myth." So much of the discussion around the Federal budget is based on a false understanding of the role of the Federal government in money creation and the operation of the monetary system. Ms. Kelton would be a useful antidote to the misdirection inherent in debates of federal spending.

Mr Global from TikTok

Any chance you guys could try to get Mr. Global from TikTok on the show to discuss oil prices, production, etc? He is a globally recognized expert on the subject and is against most msm narratives. He seems like he would be a great interviewee.

Where does Trump get his normie instincts from?

He is a New York elitist, born into a dynasty. How?!

Is the population of the EU insignificant compared the population of the US?

Is Europe's population insignificant compared to the US population, because indididual European countrys' populations pale in comparison to the US? The US population is, after all, many times bigger than even the biggest European country's population is. Obviously this is nonsensical, but it is exactly this kind of logic Saagar uses to try to say Europe's aid to ukraine is insignificant compared to US aid to Ukraine. He fudges the numbers by only showing european contributions by the amounts individual countries contributed, and obscuring the fact that the total is higher, and that by gdp per capita European aid is higher in most countries. It is honestly hard to believe anyone could seriously make that argument with a straight face. Is there anyone at breaking points that disagrees with my take on this? Was Saagar inebriated when he said that? How can you take someone seriously at all that makes such completey nonsensical arguments, and presents them as facts, that are just completely false in reality? If you want to focus just on direct military aid thats one thing, but no reasonable, informed person would say "military aid is the only aid that matters" Obviously financial aid has also been critical to Ukraine holding together and having the logistical capabilities to hold the line against the invaders.

How to usurp representatives who won’t step down?

Hello BP! How do we get the long standing elderly reps to either step down or run an opposition against as a member of the same party. For example in SF a republican wont win but what about a democrat running against Nancy Pelosi who has announced she is “running” for another term. In an area dominated by one party is there any way possibly run against Pelosi as a democrat? Or is that out of the question? Is there any other way to get her out if it’s what the people truly want or is she in complete control?