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Real Journalists Have Exposed White House criminality

Although many things would have qualified as "smoking guns," this seems particularly Huge and demonstrably real. Have you seen this and are you investigating it? Thanks.

New party

With the far end of the left and the right taking control, do you see new parties giaining power or do you belive our political system is set up to only have 2 parties? What will it actually take to add new parties? Please don't just say ranked choice voting lol

Familiar with Georgism and the Single Land Value Tax?

Are you all familiar with Henry George's Single Tax on the unimproved value of land? I always been further to the left economically because I believe simple free market capitalism leaves too many people in poverty, but the single tax on land (defined broadly) provides a small modification on our current system that bolsters freedom, massively increases efficiency, and reduces poverty, and has resolved most all the problems I had with liberalism economically. The idea is that you only tax the unimproved value of land at (as close as is reasonably possible) a 100% rate. That being if it were an annual tax, the fair annual rent for the land (sans improvements); no income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes or corporate taxes. It also justifies taxes for pollution and natural resource extraction as they are considered land as part of the commons. I would love to see you all talk about it on the show, especially how it would effect the housing market. You all consistently malign the housing market for costing too much for housing while in the same sentence exclaiming how home ownership is the primary method for building wealth. So long as the value of housing rises faster than inflation (the metric necessary for it to build wealth), the cost of housing will only increase. The only way to solve this permanently is to tax the value of land, so that as the value of land increases, that value is not captured by the owner, but rather by the society as a whole through taxes. This will incentivize land monopolization for active use, instead of speculative investment. Houses deprecate; land appreciates.

Krystal's favorite question

Whenever you are joined for an interview by a party-establishment moderate type (aka the real extremists), Krystal likes to ask a version of - "You say you worry about Americans' lack of trust in government and institutions, can you see how you and your side's behavior and policies have led to this outcome?" It's an excellent question that really gets to the core of our political problems and mission of channels like Breaking Points. It's also just a great interview question that demands genuine introspection from guests - which of course, you don't always get. Looking back on recent interviews (thanks for lots of great ones!), do any answers to this question stand out, and what have you learned generally about how members of the establishment justify and rationalize their actions?

Watch My BP Inspired Standup

Hey y’all, I’m a Denver comedian and saw a BP segment on Bidenomics where KJP got pressed on why Biden would pin his name to an economy most americans aren’t happy about. I posted it to Instagram, I’d love y’all to see it, it’s <40 seconds soooo hopefully I can at least convince a producer to check it out.