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West Coast Drug Addiction/Mental Health Crisis

First of all, happy two year anniversary of Breaking Points! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Wondering what you think west coast cities and states can do to break the never ending drug addiction, mental health crisis and homelessness emergency. Local and state politicians seem to blame the problem on lack of affordable housing but after billions and billions have been thrown at the issue, it only seems to get worse. Plus it seems like the west coast’s hands are tied after the 9th circuits Boise ruling. What can be done to end this crisis?

Why Pride and woke are being questioned

Ok, so Im a 68year old white male. I have no problem with race, religion ,gender ect... I do have a problem with Equality. I also have a problem with others life styles being force feed to me. Number one ,quotas do not bring about quality. Just resentment ! Why do I have to watch every commercial with a bi racial family? Why are 85 percent of commercials highlighting blacks? Where are all the other under represented races ? I can accept something but do I really want to see two dudes deep throating on a drug commercial. I think not!!! Point things are getting a little carried away we need to steap back a bit....

Presidential Candidates

Have you considered interviewing RFK Jr? For real this time, not whatever that was last time. That interview sucked. You know it, we know it. Acknowledge US

Tech Support Question

The biggest impedance mismatch as a viewer is the need to get the youtube link from email. I find myself watching clips more than the full show because of that. Any plans to get around this? I consume most of my video content through Youtube, so this is a bummer. Love the show, and congrats on the progress you've made in two years. I do think the way forward is through new coalitions that break up the monolithic cultural left/right divide that's been carefully cultivated by elite institutions and their media organs. (It's also interesting to me to notice how for commentary shows the presidential elections are the High Season and all this work is gearing up for it).

What was the BP origin story?

As you move into BP 2.0, I'd love to hear who came up with the idea for you to break off from Rising, who approached who with the idea, what those early talks were like between you both, and who were your consults/mentors that helped you make the decision? What is your origin story?