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How to Cover Narcissists in the News

Hi Krystal and Saagar, Thank you so much for your show! You have used the word "narcissist" a few times recently and I am curious if you have looked into the best ways to cover or fight back against narcissists in the news. I know that this word has been overused, but for people who have gone through narcissistic abuse, it is a very real and damaging experience. Perhaps I'm in my own rabbit hole of learning more about dealing with people with narcissistic personality types - but it's almost hard to listen to political commentary about Trump without that narcissistic lens (like how his opponents should fight back against him or why his followers are so loyal). I would love for you two to have a narcissist personality type specialist on the show to talk about how to cover and respond to these people when they come up in the news beyond fascination. I highly recommend Dr. Ramani or even a cult-expert like Steve Hassan as a guest on the show to give their perspectives on how to talk about these wild personalities. Thank you so much and keep up the great work, Whitney

Problems in Academia

You've talked about academia a few times in the show and as a college professor, I think some of the directions you go just barely scratch the surface of what's really wrong with higher education. Saagar - since your parents are professors, what kind of conversations do you have with them about the problems in higher education and what do they think is wrong (and right) about academia in the US?

State and Federal Subsidies Funding Projects with CCP ties

How do the local, state, and federal politicians in Michigan justify the Ford Blue Oval EV Battery Park when they are partnering with CATL? CATL/s top Executive, Zeng Yuqun, is an appointed member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The CPPCC is the highest ranking entity for overseeing the Chinese United Front system which is used to influence foreign policies toward the ends of China. By funding this project through state tax subsidies and federal Covid relief credits are they not doing exactly what the United Front is designed to do?

Is Twitter Blue extortion?

Twitter's new verification process for organizations is forcing government officials to pay $1000 base, plus $50 for each agency under that governmental body, plus tax, all to maintain their official badge and prevent impersonation by fake accounts. On the inside of a state govt myself, our agency (one of 150 agencies under the organization) is being forced to pay ridiculous amounts monthly for safety on social media... think about the annual cost to taxpayers in one state alone. Twitter is making bank forcing governments into this verification structure. (($1000 + ($50x150)) x12months = $102k annually

Medicaid expiration

Can you please begin covering the millions that are due to lose Medicaid beginning April 1st. I’ve been lucky to have it this long but make too much too qualify going forward and not enough to afford an Obama care plan for four with the way my expenses and debt payments have ballooned. I don’t believe they have truly adjust this for inflation . Of course the mainstream “news” offers the sad song of crickets. This is about to be nasty, and the amount of Americans that will end up in medical bankruptcy within the next few years bodes well for none of us.