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Scheduling Question

Hey Guys! Day 1 subscriber brought over from Rising. Currently listening to Rogan telling you to ignore the comments so I imagine you will but it feels like recently the schedule for your show has been rather up in the air. This is understandable to some degree given the holidays and travel. It would be nice if we could have a schedule for the week announced before the 11th hour. This week SOTU live show announced the day before & Wed show cancelation announced Tuesday night after the cancelation for Rogan last week. Difficult to encourage others to check out your show when I don't know when the show is available. Thanks & keep up the great work!

Great Op-Ed on JAMA about medical profiteering. Please contact the author and interview him. His name is Donald M. Berwick, MD

Great Op-Ed on JAMA about medical profiteering. Please contact the author and interview him. His name is Donald M. Berwick, MD

State of the Podcast

Hey Krystal and Saagar, I've been a premium subscriber since you launched, and have been thrilled to see the recent rise of independent media such as yourselves. Because I've appreciated your work for a while, I wanted to offer up something I've noticed. Lately, it seems like your reporting has gotten increasingly glib. The explanations you describe are typically monocausal, and there seems to be little interest in presenting facts or statements that might run against the grain of those explanations. It's eroding my trust in your reporting, which I have valued since your launch. Krystal railing for a year about Joe Manchin working directly against the interests of his constituents because he's bought and paid for by corporations did not seem to be reflected in last year's survey that found his popularity within his state had risen the most of any senator. The discussions of Russia's motivations and decision-making in Ukraine have been unfortunately blinkered, ignoring so many statements that Putin's leadership and allies - and even he himself! - have made regarding their invasion. Today's pod that cast Seymour Hersh as a venerated journalist did mention that he won a Pulitzer decades ago for truthfully reporting the My Lai Massacre, but it did not offer the rather important counterpoint that his more recent reporting (sarin gas attacks in Syria, the bin Laden raid) has been riddled with errors and debunked in detail. I think it's deeply unfair to your audience to not engage with these balancing factors. I wanted to note this to you because it's a point of increasing frustration for some of your listeners and supporters. I have really appreciated the attention you've brought to some very underreported issues in today's world. For me, your updates on union struggles around the country have been particularly illuminating. I hope that you can adopt a bit more humble objectivity, or even admission of error if an initial judgment was later found to be wrong. Thanks for your time.

Affirm layoffs

Hi Krystal and Saagar! I wanted to thank you for all you do. I saw you in Chicago and am a premium subscriber. I really appreciate your coverage of tech layoffs and the lead up to it- you accurately reported for months how the Federal Reserves interest rate hikes were forcing the trendy and new tech companies to borrow less, forcing layoffs. Sadly, my wife has lost TWO tech jobs in these layoffs over the past year. First it was PayPal May 2021, after 4 years working for Venmo (owned by "Papa Paypal" as people at corporate refer to them as). She then got a job working for Affirm. She was apart of the recent 19% job cut at Affirm, after only being there for four months. Affirm CEO, who ironically also co-founded PayPal, specifically cited federal interested rate hikes as "part of the reason" why there were layoffs. I would also add that it is funny how all these corporate jobs offer overzealous perk, such as stipends for food, lifestyle, and tech, discounts and deals via corporate partnerships etc, instead of investing in salaries or overall operations. As a friend of mine put it recently, "you can keep the Peloton, I just want my job". I guess my question, if there is any from this monolith of an AMA submission, would be this: what industries or sectors do you see growing in the near future, where those from these corporate tech jobs go? Please keep doing what your doing for a long time!