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Great Idea for the Show

Idea for the show. It is called the “Over Under” and it is a 2-part list that gets displayed at the end of the last show each week (right before the premium subs credits). The ‘Over’ list are the stories that Krystal and Saagar think are getting too much attention in main-stream media, and the ‘Under’ list are the stories that are getting too little attention (or are being ignored) in the main-stream media. Each week, after this episode drops, launch a YouTube survey asking for Breakers to vote on their top Over and top Under. Think about the game-changing improvements this can generate. 1) Continuously highlight the terrible job the media is doing while creating the survey data to prove it. 2) Constantly feeling the pulse of what the Breakers community wants to watch while boosting Breaker engagement. 3) Effortlessly report on the chronic under/over reporting of the main stream without spending valuable show time digging into the weeds of any one particular story. 4) Give people a tool to help filter out the important stories (the Unders) from the hype and misdirection (the Overs). 5) Reviewing the poll results could be its own segment that replaces dunking on CNN, because CNN isn’t going to be around to dunk on for much longer.

Will Trump fund allies campaigns in the primary?

It's likely that the only way Desantis can win the primary in a head to head race with Trump. What is to stop Trump from getting allies to hang in til the end of the primary to split the non Trump vote? He doesn't need the majority just the highest vote count.

Ro Khanna Presidential Run?

Hey guys, I just listened to the Austin live show, kind of surprised no one mentioned Ro at all when talking about alternative Democratic presidential nominees. While he's not a household name, neither was Bernie pre-2015. How do you think he would fare if he officially threw his hat in the ring in a Biden-less race? Seems more likely than Marianne Williamson to me.

Sy Hersh on US blowing up Nord Stream

Loved your SOTU coverage. Loved you response to anti-semitism on Joe Rogan. Have you seen Sy Hersh's comprehensive narrative on how we blew up the Nord Stream Pipelines. Please cover this story. They really want WW3 with Ukraine. God help us.

Is The Isrealy government or mainstream media trying to take you down

as your goal is to become competition to the Main stream, we know they do underhanded tactics to maintain their position, and they use this as a linch pin to spead you all as anti-semetic before your able to really compete and "cancel" you before you get started, as you see the cnn+ numbers i've no doubt they see the numbers as well, you also have platformed that human rights guy who Harvard fired, and other pro palistien voices and we know cnn has pro-isreal donnars, really its a move to keep you all from becoming the new mainsteam, and isreal is just wanting to help so their abuses don't get exposed, no i don't have a tin foil hat yet. but its not unreasonable they might pay people to watch you all to find these small clips to use out of context.