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Kyle's Hair

Did Kyle lose a dare? What's with the hair?

Coffee Mug Durability

Has your coffee mug been tested by a nine year old trying to make dad's coffee cup balance on top of Elsa's frozen Lego castle? If not our tested showed that it shattered and I am out one coffee mug, any good replacement ideas?

Suggestions for Substack

Found out about Substack on your show. Just subscribed the The Chris Hedges Report and my inbox can use some more publications of that caliber. What do you suggest? Who are you subscribed to?

How do you feel about organ harvesting from prisoners in the United States?


Saagar, after watching the SOTU wrap up commentary and now the suits segment during the live Austin show. I am curious how you would pair these comments together in response. With the SOTU wrap up, you sarcastically said “my norms” when commenting on outbursts during the speech being pearl clutching With being pro-suit you then reference decorum as a plea for the norms or respect of the position. I think your appreciation for appearance makes you overlook the importance of appearance in terms of value. Thoughts?