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Do you ever fight?

You are both very professional reporters, and you are very professional when recording. I was wondering if off camera you ever get into fights?

Talk about your intro music

I was wondering about the show's musical theme. How did you pick it? Who wrote it? Talk about the process you went through to select it. Thanks!!

Murdaugh case

Have you been following the trial of Alex Murdaugh? It is such a prime example of the two-tiered justice system and how the system is completely rigged. This guy allegedly stole $8M from his clients and can still hire a team high-powered lawyers, one of which includes a sitting Democratic state senator. You should have Mandy Matney on, she's the local journalist who unwound this story/dynasty. It's a true story of David and Goliath, and highlights how important good journalist is, especially at the local level.


Krystal, I know you’ve mentioned in passing that you used to swim competitively. As a former swimmer myself, what was your swimming stroke of choice? Or which did your coach make you do most often? And Saagar, did you partake in any high-school/college sports or extracurriculars? Thanks guys, and keep up the awesome work!


Krystal made a fascinating statement on a recent show that we no longer live in a Meritocracy. (I can't remember the show number or the context). This really got me thinking about some of the bigger more esoteric issues we are seeing. As a card-carrying libertarian I've been saying for a while that we haven't lived in a constitutional republic for decades and recently that we are no longer a democracy but an oligarchy, but going even deeper and saying basically hard work and talent no longer really matter at the end of the day in our society is incredibly deep (and scary). The arguments against things like identity politics and over the top government handouts were that we are creating a place where effort and talent no longer matter and the amount of melanin in your skin, your beliefs or sex are what mattered most. The argument is very nebulous... until now. We are seeing what living in a place where equality of outcomes is the primary facet. Our elites are anything but elite, and the people in charge seem to be the least competent, unimpressive people aside from their identities. This is a supposed to be a place for asking a question so here goes: Do you see a pendulum swing back towards a meritocracy, awarding hard work and talent over everything else? It seems like this is a trope that's gone on for years, decades even... are we at the end of it? Or is this just part of the back-and-forth societies go through, and we are just at the apex of the swing one way, and we will swing back the other, eventually finding the new extreme on that end. Love to hear your thoughts. I hope I made the cut off before the Rogan-Ban on comment reading has been implemented. :-) Thank you both for the great show. Krystal that one line really got me thinking and realize how right you are. Thanks so much.