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BP Facelift?

Hi guys I heard your looking at a BP facelift with logos etc, I am curious if you have any plans to get some new photos of you both? It would be great to have new high res photos of the hosts!

Youtube Driving Content?

Sagaar and Krystal you have told us the subscription model was so you can speak freely? So why is there any concern youtube would take down a video?. If you are concerned about section edit it out of the video for YouTube. Just not sure what the difference is if you bend the knee to Pfizer or YouTube.

Comment on JRE

You both show real depth in your knowledge of subjects covered. Your deep dive reports are factual and data driven and I've yet to catch either of you in ad libbing to fill time. Big thanks Also appreciate Saager laying off the Boomer comments even if I do resemble some remarks.

Impeachment of DHS Secretary

What are your thoughts on the articles of impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas? HR 582 says she committed high crimes and misdemeanors over the border. Historically, how common is this and do the articles of impeachment have any merit?

Guest Appearances - Quality over quanity

When/why did you transition into guests less often? I'm all for less guests; some guests appeal to my interests and if they don't I'd usually get on my day (no 3.5x speed). Do you pull metrics off who jumps ship for which guests and plan accordingly? Who are some of your favorite/best performing guests?