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Why shoot down the spy balloon after it's done with the spying?

Seriously why not shoot it down over Montana? There's no people there :) But they wait until it's actually leaving the country and then shoot it down? At that point why does it matter, it's already leaving

AMA boomer

I am a boomer. My kids got me an "OK Boomer" t-shirt and an "OK Boomer Jokes" book so I roll with it in jest. Yet, when Saagar says he gives it to Gen X, Millenials, Gen Z etc, the truth is, they are not reviled with the same hatred that you express toward Boomers. Your justification that we are disproportionately sensitive whenever we are talked about just falls flat. "Tastes, Wealth and Cultural Tendencies" are what you cite as studies that support your hypothesis. Another subscriber on your AMA questions link I think sums up my feelings about your view of boomers and should elicit a little more self reflection because that sure as hell was no excuse for your regular ageism behavior. Here's that subscriber's post: Boomer Bashing When Saagar does his daily Boomer Bashing, does he have in mind only the white Boomers or the Boomers of color as well? The white Boomers who drove the cultural revolution of the sixties, the black Boomers who fueled the sixties drive to equal rights, the Native American Boomers who fought for first nation rights in the US and all of the other countless Boomers who tried to make a difference? Perhaps a re-think could be in order!

Negative side of remote work

Greetings, one thing that you guys talk about is the positive things regarding remote work (more time with the kids, less time commuting, not having a corporate boss following your every move). I totally understand all of those things. However, wont you admit that there are negative sides of this new phenomenon? One, being that you lose most of your social connection throughout the day that most humans need to have (including someone like myself who is 23 and single). Second, the buffer between someones work time and leisure time is becoming increasingly nonexistent as employees are usually expected to check work emails occasionally during off time.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring the wild horse round up’s in Nevada?

BLM are capturing healthy horses with plenty of food and water. When captured they’re starving and stallions are houses together which results in terrifying bloody, battles. This is a land grab. Nevada is full of natural resources and with the horses off BLM land they can’t get in the way of progress.

Breaking Points mailing address

After introducing my mother to the show she asked me to add you guys to family Christmas card list (boomer mentality, I know), but I figured I would ask in case there is a P.O. Box for the show that I could give her to mail Christmas cards, or if any other premium subscribers that wanted send in thank you notes, etc.