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Damn Rogan was fun

Thanks for all yaall do

Saagar, which watch were you rocking on the latest JRE episode?

title says it all -- us watch enthusiasts would love to know.

To vote or not to vote

Hi guys Love the show. As foreigner getting glyphs of the circus that is US politics, thank you for navigating me through it. A recurring discussion in the States is on voter suppression or voter expansion. I have only lived in countries with a parliamentary system. Here we don’t register, you must be a citizen to vote for parliament and president (local election have different rules), and elections are held on a weekend, but you can vote out of date about two weeks before official election day. Last parliamentary election participation was little over 80%(the lowest since 1945) So I wanted to ask your opinion on the current state of voting in the US and if you had the power to change one or two smaller things(not getting rid of the electoral collage or ranked choice voting) what would you change?

Livestream AMAs?

Any plans for a Livestream AMA or chat? Possibly using your TikTok account?

Krystal triggered me

I'm a huge fan of both of you, since Rising. But Krystal ... "Gen X is the worst generation?" C'mon now. We grew up pre-cellphone (70s & 80s was a great era, not just SKATEBOARDING) but were young enough to adapt. We suffered through the RISE of Neoliberalism. As young adults, we experienced the dot-com boom, 9/11, & the financial crisis. BUT we're juuuust old enough to be established when the economy shifted (which screwed the millennials). We are the bridge between the destructive boomers and the horrid millennials. If Medicare for All is ever to happen, IMO it will be Gen X that spearheads it. I demand you retract your statement. ;-)