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Trafficked on Nat Geo

Have you ever watched the trafficked series on Nat Geo?. I am amazed at the lack of fear Marianne van Zeller has.

Healthcare Reform

For KandS: Love you guys so much. (Ryan and Emily too) Been with you since Rising, subscriber since day 1 of BP, and attended the Chicago show. Appreciate you both more than can be typed here. Your tireless work and efforts to bring back the integrity of the 4th estate is so needed. Sending love and success, Eric Korsgaard Question: Healthcare seems to be such a massive problem in this country, but I feel that if we passed a law declaring the healthcare services of both the Senate and Congress had to follow the same plan as ever other US citizen, the situation should be fixed pretty quick. My thoughts are that the largest problem is that they do not have to live with the system they are somehow in charge of policing, and that is why nothing gets done. What do you both think?

Charity Highlight

Hi Krystal & Saagar, I was curious if there were any non profits \ charities that you both wanted to highlight? My family runs the Allison Rose Foundation a non profit about food allergy awareness

German Tanks

Germany recently announced that they will be sending 88 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine in addition to the 14 Leopard 2 tanks they promised earlier. Given the symbolic meaning of "1488" among neo-Nazis, do you believe this was intentional or a very unfortunate coincidence?

Listeners Who were Covered on the Show

Saagar, I have noticed a few of your Instagram posts in recent weeks have been liked by former Congressman Madison Cawthorn. Given that his fall from grace in the GOP was covered on the show multiple times and you guys were professionally critical, albeit fair, in your coverage of him it’s made me wonder if he is a listener of the show? It also makes me curious if you and Krystal know, or are curious, if any other politicians or people covered in the show also listen?