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Debt Ceiling + Money Market

Money Markets are typically held in cash or cash equivalents (which are typically bonds). If the government defaults, would that impact money markets? This might be important as people who sold out of the market might have side lined their cash in money markets that might have a liquidity crunch should the debt ceiling domino fall. Thoughts?

Big Pharma vs Debt Ceiling

Hey I have a great idea to help control the national debt! Some huge portion comes from Medicare and Medicaid, right? What if we used the leverage of having a large portion of Big Pharma's customers in these programs to negotiate lower drug costs? Oh, because the Republicans won't vote for it? What is it they're trying to accomplish then?? Why aren't more people calling out Republicans for their hypocrisy on this issue?

Membership support

How can I get you to stop billing my monthly support?

Used Car dealers

Not really a question but a response to the statement of how many millionaires that filed taxes were dealers. It’s true but you have it backwards. The reason there are so many used car dealers are because millionaires are experts in not paying taxes. Having a ton of clients that do this, and working in the auto business, I can tell you that a large percentage of those filers are people with massive collections that don’t like to pay taxes. So, they get their used car of “B” license to do so. It’s an incredibly common practice by those of means and it is certainly skewing those numbers in a big way. Keep up the good work!

Russia seeking USA weapons left in Afghanistan?

Morning, This is a report I seen that I have not heard much on, though given our history as a nation that arms it's enemy... Had to ask, is there validity to it? If so, what are the implications, and details?