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site improvements

hi, I've been a subscriber since Jul 2021, and while I think your show is great, I wish the process of actually watching it where better. Specifically, I would like to be able to turn off email notifications and access premium content without either logging into my google account or watching an entire show as a monolithic one hour video. Have you ever thought of making extended cuts of the public youtube clips (with the post-editorial discussion but without the constant reminders to subscribe),, and publishing links to these clips on superchat instead of just emailing links to the full show? Based on my understanding of google's privacy policy, I try to only watch youtube when not logged in to gmail.

Why not cover independent politics? (Hint: We are NOT swing voters!)

Most journalists relate to independents as “swing voters,” but of course we are much more than that. According to Gallup, 42% of voters identify as independents. In late January 2021, that number was as high as 50%. We don’t register into the two parties because we are proudly NONCOMPLIANT! Given that you are not partisans (YAY), I do wonder why you don't do stories on independent politics. This is our hope for the future - to break the stranglehold that the two parties have on our democracy. Good news: Young people no longer register into the DP/RP. The future is independent! Guests could include Jackie Salit & Thom Reilly, authors of recently published book: The Independent Voter and recently created The Center for an Independent and Sustainable Democracy at ASU; Andrew Yang, Forward Party; Jon Avalon (CNN), who consistently covers independent politics.

Propublica partnership?

Have you considered or attempted to partner with Propublica? Latest story on hospice hustle ( ) seems like perfect BP content.

Health, Obesity Epidemic

Have you ever talked to Dr. Neal Barnard at the Barnard Medical Center in DC? He has been doing work in this area as well as research into T2 diabetes. You might find his research and success interesting.

Why can't we do electronic voting/taxes like Estonia?

Is there anything other than crony capitalism standing in the way of adopting electronic governance like Estonia has had in place since 2005?