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Candy lobby car break in true?

Did the candy lobby really break into senators cars and leave a candycorn in their cars to pursued them to vote to have daylight savings after Halloween?

Ukrainian War

Can you all finally address the elephant in the room - that being that America has the best military in the world? We simply sell weapons to Ukraine and that alone has managed to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia, implying that we have substantially better weaponry than another nuclear power. Combine that with the Marines, then why would anyone want to go to war with the USA?

Monday's Show

I was curious about Saagar drinking a Diet Coke on Camera. 1. Usually they disclose their advertisers 2. Why not pour that beverage into the mug and then drink it 3. Saagar cares about what he puts into his body from a nutritional standpoint, so Diet Coke? That's the last thing he should be ingesting 4. He used to drink Liquid Death. What changed? Can Krystal and Saagar be more open about their advertisers?

First Ever Grad Students Walk-Out!

Hi Krystal and Saagar, Been a fan since the 28K sub days at the Hill - I was doing my undergrad at that time, now a grad student-researcher/worker at Dartmouth College. Time flies! I will get straight to the point: We, the Graduate Organized Laborers of Dartmouth (GOLD), are organizing a first ever Graduate Student Walk-Out today (Tuesday 10/11) for 1. A Guaranteed Living Wage 2. Comprehensive Benefits 3. A Safe and Equitable Workplace 4. Fairness for International Students. Because while we're expected to do full time research, TA-ing and other departmental work, besides maintaining our own academics - which means, staying in the lab or TA office until late night just to finish the chores - life hasn't been easy for a lot of us financially, as most of us pay almost half of our salary to rent alone with minimal health care benefits! Now I know Dartmouth is considered as a private school for the privileged, but trust me when I say this, it's completely the opposite for graduate student-workers, most of whom came from low income families to join a minimum wage workforce, to become a scientist in a field - the irony! Now being a Breakingpoints member since its founding, I know how much you guys care about labor movements, especially Krystal (and Saagar too), from your coverage on Amazon to Walmart to everywhere. So it'd mean a world to us if you give us a shout-out to our student labor union, which is only in its infancy (yet joined by hundreds already), established in Fall-2021. Thank you guys for doing what you're doing! Much love!! More info can be found at Graduate Organized Laborers of Dartmouth (GOLD) website: P.S. Please don't disclose my name.

Tulsi Gabbard

I’d love to hear both of y’all’s thoughts on Tulsi announcing that’s she’s leaving the Democratic Party.