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Tremendous resource for tracking trading activity of house and senate members

Do either of you use the free tools at I absolutely love what these data scientist at Quiverquant put together: House Trading Dashboard - Senate Trading Dashboard -

Not a question, just a thank you.

Hey Krystal and Saagar. Thanks for answering my question on gas prices, and thanks for pronouncing my name correctly (It's simple, but you'd be amazed how many people get it wrong). Keep up the amazing work that you both do and remember that everyone out here who relies on you for unbiased information also has your back.

Calvin and Hobbes is the Best

Saagar, I noticed the Calvin and Hobbes picture on your bookshelf this week. As a lifelong fan since I found a few compilation books lining a drawer in my house as a 12 year old, I find myself frequently reflecting on some of the strips and the commentary on life given through a weirdly thoughtful child and a homicidal psycho jungle cat. I'm assuming you are a fan - what do you like about the comic that makes you put a picture on the shelf? I used to tell people that I thought Calvin and Hobbes should be required reading in schools - would you support that inclusion in the curriculum? Krystal, any favorite comics?

Krystal and Capitalism

Krystal, when you rail against capitalism, do you mean that you're against individual ownership and property rights? Do you believe competition is pernicious and individuals can't be expected to consume wisely when presented with choices? Do you believe that all evils of society can be ameliorated or even eradicated by preventing people from exchanging their production, labor, and energies freely and voluntarily? Or are you really not against actual capitalism, and you mean to condemn monopolism, cronyism, and power concentrated in the hands of a few?


How, if at all, do you distinguish sanctions against countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia vs sanctions against countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea? As an avid viewer of political content in this space, I have found that oftentimes the same individuals who call for BDS against Israel, or cessation of ties with Saudi Arabia, to be supportive of normalizing relationships with Iran or North Korea and opposed to the economic warfare we're currently waging on Russia. Knowing that Krystal and Saagar probably have different opinions on sanctions in each of the above cases, I'd be curious how you both address this question.