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Would you feel safe traveling to countries in Eastern Europe right now?

Coverage of Iran protests

The Disclosure Act of 2022

How do you both feel about this Act? At first look, I would fully support this. Is there something hidden within the Act that you might disagree with?

Nuclear Power and Partisanship

Saagar has been a particularly boisterous voice on the importance of nuclear energy for fighting climate change and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It seems like nuclear power is an issue that isn't subject to very much partisanship, both sides seem equally uninterested in moving forward on nuclear power. Is this a blessing of a curse for the future of nuclear energy? If one party where to make serious efforts to make nuclear a larger part of our energy policy, would that just instantly polarize the issue? Or is this an issue that's genuinely and reliably not partisan?

is Project Veritas a guitly pleasure?

What is your stance on Project Veritas? I'm inundated regularly with two year old articles, sent to me by lefty friends who insist that the group is fraudulent and dishonest. Personally, I've been thoroughly enjoying what they do, but I'm having trouble defending them.