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Unique Travel Experiences

Hey Krystal and Saagar, You've each mentioned unique travel experiences that you had growing up, in your formative years and the early days of your careers. Saagar, you've mentioned traveling all over the world and Krystal, you've mentioned living in a bunch of different rust belt/midwest states. How did that all happen? What brought you to all these places? How have your travels informed your world views? Keep up the great work! Jason

Maine Lobster Industry NOAA Regulations

Can you cover the new NOAA Regulations that will affect the lobster industry? It seems they are trying to protect whales but there hasn't been a whale entrancement in lobster lines in decades from what I've read.... Now Hello Fresh and other are red listing Lobster?

Federalism in the Internet Age

For Krystal and Saagar, In one of your AMA's, you mentioned that tax compliance for internet businesses could be overhauled, as it's a burden to comply with 50 different state tax codes. The internet in general has made (state) borders matter less in terms of commerce, especially when its service-related and not goods-related. However, one of the best parts of America (at least in my opinion) is the ability for states, counties, school districts, etc. to be able to experiment with policy and tailor to their needs. How do you think we should balance the need for online entrepreneurship and state autonomy?


Love the show. Do either of you consume much C-SPAN? I have listened to the morning show ever since stumbling upon the Howard Stern prank calls on YouTube. Anyway I’ve grown to appreciate the diversity of thought and of course the schizo callers. Have you considered doing a segment on the show? It could be a good way to expand the audience to sometimes open minded people.

Have you considered having Prof. Mark Blyth on as a guest?