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Vimeo option

What hapoened to our promised choice of the vimeo link? I am paying for your show I should not be subjected to youtubes irritating advertisements in order to use my subscription service. This is the dealbreaker on whether I shall choose to resubscribe a third year…


Love you guys! Been a long time fan since the Hill days! I live in Montana and I am a progressive like Krystal, so I am definitely in the minority lol. I was wondering what things I can do to make a difference here and to push more towards my values , as my vote seems to make little difference here. Also, will you be doing a live show near here? I would love to go to one!

Please get Prof. Mark Blyth on your show to talk about austerity, inflation, Angrynomics and quite literally anything.

Mark is the William R. Rhodes Professor of International Economics and Professor of International and Public Affairs at Brown University. He is known for having an excellent take on Global Trumpism, has his own podcast called Mark and Carrie and has written several books including Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea and Angrynomics. His latest is about inflation. Crucially, he speaks plainly, is very funny and would be a perfect complement to Breaking Points. Best. Oscar

Tweezer Reprise

Hello! Huge fan of the show, and am so happy Counterpoints has joined the family. Can someone please provide a clear eyed answer as to why Tweezer Reprise was not seriously considered for the Counterpoints theme song? Much love! Tim

History of India

Saagar, do you have any book or movie recommendations on the history of India? Specifically during the period of British rule and their eventual independence. Thanks!