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Ryan and Emily AMA please 🥺

Can we get a weekly AMA from Ryan and Emily like we get one from Sagaar and Krystal???

What's with China's Covid-Zero?

Why in the world is China implementing covid-zero three years post-pandemic? My co-worker is from China and their family is still there. According to them, the people of China believe that a large incentive for the idiotic covid-zero policy is that people in power have ties to others who profit from it (eg: they build the covid tests, quarantine areas, etc). Do we know how true this is? You're the best and only news station I trust. Thank you guys for being you

Video + Spotify = Amazing!

What's a guy got to do to get video on Spotify?

Iran Protests - Coverage

Ukraine for sure is the biggest story and what everyone should be paying attention to!! Great job on that, and everything, I don't know how you do those monologues, but they are fantastic. But having said all that, these Iranian protests are pretty crazy, people, mostly women are just getting mowed down in the streets. They are burning their head scarfs (I know the name but forgot how to spell it) and the fight for women's rights and equality. I would just love to hear more about it, no coverage anywhere really. Thank you - Premium subscriber here!

UK and French nuclear umbrella

You always mention the security the US affords NATO members but never mention the quit capable French and UK nuclear capability. Europe does not only rely on the US nuclear umbrella, the french and UK is actually more likely to get involved than the US. Strange omission for the past six months.