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Kamala Harris: Why the shade?

Hi there. Looooooove what you do. Every time Kamala Harris is brought up, the roar of eye-rolling is deafening. From my point of view (which is obviously hardly well informed on this) she was elected as Biden’s VP, and then kinda disappeared… (From some of the comments from you, it would seem that’s on purpose from the left for … gaffes? Something else?) Of course, as I casually search the interwebs, I can find the party line, which wants me think she’s fabulous. The other thing I find is the typical hate of the left that doesn’t seem to come from a logical place. On the Wikipedia article (yes, not a great source) the only thing I find is that she lost a bit of her staff as they felt they were being “mistreated”… again no details, but a red flag for sure. I completely understand your comments regarding the current administration’s sidelining of her… but I’m not sure why they are. I feel like I’ve heard “incompetent” “horrible politician” and similar phrases… which of course are great reasons to sideline her haha. I apologize if this is an incredibly stupid question. I honestly don’t understand, and this is one of those things where blanket searches are very difficult to separate reason from the reactionary. thanks so much for considering my question. And thank you again for what you do. ❤️

Interesting evidence that reframes Ukraine entirely

I posted this to your Oct 3 members-only ep, and to Kim Iversen's gas leak vid, and both had it deleted from YouTube. I'm not saying this is true, I'm asking you, the journalists I trust, to look into it and see what more you can (dis)prove. This Ukrainian- and English-speaking Russian YouTuber has a connection that whistleblew to him that Zelensky arranged in February to *allow* Russia to march a ceremonial army in there, and he would throw the fight, and just hand over Ukraine to Russia. Putin agreed. The Ukraine military was not fond of this, and defended themselves, despite Zelensky explicitly misinforming them with bad intel trying to get them out of the way. Putin took the bait, sent an obvious-from-aerial-footage parade in there, and it turned out to be an ambush. This explains a *lot* of oddities that YOU two have noticed this whole time. Please hear it out, then give it the acid test.

Recruit Ben Avery, Producer

Ben Avery, former producer of the Tim Dillon Show, left his position at that podcast. In my dumb little world he'd be an excellent asset to the BP team, I hope his talents and giggling make it to the show. He's a sweet boy.

Who is Running the USA?

Now that a lot of people are saying nuclear weapons, can we acknowledge that bureaucrats have replaced the president? so we can make them accountable for their actions,

Housing stock and boring zoning codes

Given the lack of affordable housing in America, and Saagar's recent monologue on the topic, I would like to know if you've given some thought to the fact that in most communities around the country it is illegal to build something other than single family homes due to zoning codes. Would a different, mixed approach to zoning that uses land more efficiently be of any help? Thank you both for what you do :)