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IRS coming for middle class?

There's a lot of conservative hand-wringing regarding the "Inflation Reduction Act" and the hiring of 87,000 new agents, especially regarding the possibility of increased audits. While the narrative says that they'll mainly be going after corporations and the rich, is it not plausible that such entities have more resources to fight and stonewall audits, and thus go after less resistant low-hanging fruit like the lower and middle class?


So we basically ran an Immigration restriction experiment on accident during the pandemic. Borders were shut for 18 months and did not open as fast as demand returned. We got a tight labor market and wage growth. Also inflation but wages are stickier than inflation. I know Trump ruined the immigration debate for the next 40 yrs, but didn’t Immigration restriction win the numerical debate?

Raise your fist Comrades!

Does Donald Trump understand that a raised fist is a communist symbol for solidarity? How about Josh Hawley?


Thank you Saagar for attempting to clarify the monkeypox situation. In western NY I constantly have people tell me that 4 children have died from the disease and some random cashier caught it from swiping groceries. Have you heard of any of this? Thanks

Yearly auto renew, I want to cancel but can't get the remainder of my subscription refunded.

There was no option to choose not to auto-renew, it did it automatically June 3rd. I would like to cancel my subscription but I can't get a refund on the remainder. I'm fine with paying the 2months and 2 weeks but I don't want to pay anymore because I can't afford it.